Tragic Loss of a YES Child

November 052015

Treyonta Burleson, a 14-year-old student at YES, was shot and killed Tuesday evening. Treyonta started coming to YES when she was only 5 years old, and was loved by all our staff, volunteers, and students. Please keep her family and the YES family in your prayers.

If you’d like to help the family with funeral expenses and other needs, you may donate through our website at:

Also, here is a TV report on Treyonta’s death on News2:

An additional story was featured in the Tennessean:

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A vigil will be held in her neighborhood tomorrow (Friday) night at 6:30 at the Nashville Public Library branch at 117 Charles E Davis Blvd.
The funeral will be held this Saturday at Greater Grace Community Church, 901 Dalebrook Ln., Nashville,TN 37206. Visitation with the family will be from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm with the funeral to follow.

Diane Hiatt, one of our most faithful volunteers, posted this beautiful tribute to Treyonta:
“Maybe you saw news tonight in Nashville about a 14 year old girl shot and killed this afternoon.
What I want you to know…...Treyonta Burleson was a beautiful spunky little girl I first met in 2006 or maybe 2005.
She had so much potential. She was smart. She was creative. She was a leader… age 5.
She wore her good reader crown PROUDLY when she was in kindergarten. She didn’t just wear it one day. She wore it two weeks. Proudly.
She confidently (boldly) told Mike he didn’t make the smiley face on her paper right. She was just 5.
She shared with her friends the “trick” to addition that involved carrying. “You just add the numbers on that side and put a one on top of the other side.”
That was when she was 7.
At the annual dinner, I watched as she very carefully added sugar to her tea. And stirred and sipped and stirred again. She was 9.
She was a little sister to two big brothers.
She was a big sister to a bunch of little brothers and a little sister.
She brought food into the kindergarten and first grade room at Youth Hobby Shop YESTERDAY.
Her least little brother proudly told our classroom, “that’s my sister.”
And today she has no more future.”

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