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March 182009

A CASTLES Volunteer and and YES Student exercise to the beat!

A CASTLES Volunteer and and YES Student exercise to the beat!

Youth Encouragement Services and Vanderbilt’s Center for Health Services have teamed up to offer a new fitness initiative for our students, a program called CASTLES (Communities and Students Together for Learning-Enhanced Service).  Vanderbilt students have been volunteering at our Lindsley and McIver Centers for the past six months serving approximately 170 of our YES students. This program focuses on teaching young people healthy eating habits and the importance of routine exercise.

Thus far the CASTLES program has garnered fantastic results! 
•89 children have increased the average number of steps they take each month by 10%.
•Through tracking a series of 24-hour nutrition recalls, self-reports of 2-3 daily servings of fruits and vegetables has increased by an average of 25% at each site.
•On average, the prevalence of overweight and obesity at each site has decreased by 18% in a 6-month observation period.

The YES students are enjoying their time with the CASTLES volunteers and are learning healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Thank you to the Vanderbilt volunteers for making this program possible!

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